Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, here it is, at the end of March and so much has happened in my world since I last wrote on this blog. God has been "showing out" for me in every area of my life. I am just going to share briefly now, and I will give more details in a few days.

God sold my house on March 13!!!! In order to attend my training in April, I had to have my house "dealt with" by March 20. God took care of it a week early! I have spent the past 4-5 weeks purging, packing, selling, and moving my stuff! Just let me say that the "Rich Young Ruler" story from the New Testament has a whole new meaning to me now. I moved back with my parents last weekend. I will be with them until I leave for training on April 21.

This coming Sunday, March 29, is my final Sunday at Willowbrook. It is really hard to imagine Sundays without being on a church staff. That has been my life for the past 10 years, so there is another adjustment I will be making. I have decided that "good-bye" is no longer part of my vocabulary. Instead, I am saying "ja mata." Which is Japanese for "see you later."

I will be at training until June 18, then I return to Huntsville for a couple of weeks before leaving for Tokyo on July 1. It will be here before I turn around good!

Well, that's a brief update. I really will share more in a few days. I want to tell you how my God has taken care of so many details and put exclamation points every where, and has left me NO room to try to put a question mark.

Until next time, shine your light, lift Him up, and let Him draw others to Himself!

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morningDove said...

i love the "gap" and your exciting adventure with God. May mine begin to move like a train.