Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Even my DADDY gives "happies!"

God continues to blow my mind at how He knows every desire, need, and want of my heart. No, He doesn't always give me everything I ask for, or want. But there are times, for no other reason than to show off for me, He gives me a little "happy" to remind me that He knows every thought in the deep places of my heart.

Just last week I began to have a crazy desire. One of the soft drinks I have always loved is IBC Cream Soda. There is just something about cream sodas that bring a smile to my face and my heart. Now, I recognize that cream soda has absolutely no eternal value, but it is one of those things that I just really enjoy on this earth. I haven't really thought about cream sodas in a long time, but as I said, last week I began to have a real craving for it.

In the past two years of living in Tokyo, I have found several drinks that I enjoy, Diet Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale, 7Up, Sprite, etc. but have never seen cream soda. I had just accepted that this would have to be one of those treats I would only be able to enjoy in America. Well, over this past weekend I went to one of our local convenience stores and saw a new Pepsi drink on the shelf. No, it wasn't cream soda, but it looked an awful lot like it. So, I decided to buy a bottle and see how it would taste. I was so surprised to find that it is VERY close to the taste of cream soda!!!! A sweet joy filled my heart as I drank that bottle of Pepsi "Caribbean Gold" because I knew that DADDY had heard my desire and gave me a little "happy."

As much as I was filled with joy over this little gift from God's hand, I was again reminded that the things He gives is not what really gives me this joy. No, it is God Himself that brings peace and joy to my heart. Nothing can substitute for His presence; nothing AT ALL!!!!! Yet, He still chooses to give me presents in addition to His presence.

God thank you for being a Good Father. A Father who knows how to give good gifts His children. But most importantly, You are a Father who gives all of Himself to us. You are my All in All!!!!!

Now, I wonder if something can be done about finding Cool-Whip here in Tokyo!!! Too much to ask? Well, we will see!!!!!!